Full Moon in Capricorn - July 8th (9:07pm PST) and July 9th (12:07am EST)

On Saturday, July 8th (9:07pm PST) and Sunday, July 9th (12:07am EST), the full moon shines in the earthy and grounded sign of Capricorn. The sign that is sturdy, practical, full of edges and limits, the sign that pushes you to get things done with a set strategy in place, and is capable of enduring any hardship. He is the sign that is likely to stand the tests when everything else is ready to crumble and fall apart. The sign that requires you to claim responsibility and to own who you are for all the world to see. He’s not about praise because he already knows who he is and he’s here to live that out in the world. He is the symbol of integrity. He requires commitment, dedication, hard work, and complete and utter devotion to something greater. 

While the last new moon was all about our emotions this full moon is about our intentions. It’s not so much about how we feel, but rather what needs to be done, what needs to be created, and then finding ways to make that happen. This isn’t the most natural placement for the moon, because the moon likes to flow, it likes to be fluid and create that beautiful glow on the water. So don’t be surprised if your feelings feel a little awkward and rigid at this time. 

Before you get all excited and start planning everything, I’m gonna ask you to hit the pause button for just a moment; because to put it gently this full moon in Capricorn is rather intense. Why? Welllll, it just so happens that it’s conjunct Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth, all things taboo, and everything that lives in the depths-- or the underworld as some like to call it. Pluto is the planet of power and deep transformations. If you know this planet, you know a thing or two about the phoenix rising and we must remember that a phoenix can’t rise without the descent. So with this Plutonian influence on the moon it is likely that all that’s been hidden and lurking below the surface is ready to bubble up from the underworld. It is time for the invisible to become visible or as Carl Jung would say, it’s about making the unconscious conscious. Pluto is here to push us out of the closet so to speak and to help us look deeper into self, deeper into the depths and deeper into what we don’t want to see. 

Before we judge Pluto too quickly let’s remember that he’s not punishing us, in fact his ultimate goal is to free us. Pluto offers each of us a special kind of knowing, a deep and meaningful kind of wisdom that comes from the very essence of our soul. What Pluto seeks is truth. This isn’t the “what’s the meaning of life kind of truth,” but rather the truth of who we really are underneath all of our different masks. Let’s face it when you are able to claim who you are and stand in your full truth – well that my friends is power. It is true, authentic, beautiful, and magiKal power. But first we must go to the depths and claim it... and if we don't then we might just find ourselves feeling powerless. 

So how are these two energies working together? When a house burns down, what do we find left standing amongst all the rubble? The fireplace. It’s the one part of the building that no matter how intense the flames burned; it couldn’t ever be burnt down. This is the energy of Pluto in Capricorn. It will certainly know the intensity of the fire, but it is here to teach us how to stand in our truth after everything else has fallen away. Now add in the moon in Capricorn and we might consider the possibility of experiencing a power play, or some form of power dynamics between us and the "other."

It's time to ask your self the hard questions. Maybe you'll want to ask: in what ways have I been hiding? What is being mirrored back to me as a teaching about my inner world? How am I not showing up fully in the world? What does the descent require of me? What does my soul want to create? Does my current life path reflect the truth of who I am? Where can I be more devoted? What am I hiding from the world? Where do I shrink in relationships? Am I abusing, denying, hiding, ignoring, or owning my authentic power? 

With this full moon you are left with a choice. You can either go kicking and screaming or you can surrender to the pulls of Pluto. Either way the underworld is beckoning for you to face your depths and all that lives underneath. You are being called to claim your deepest truths so that you can build something that will withstand the test of time. 

So get ready to walk into the fiery depths and when fears come up remember that even the underworld has its boundaries, but it is only in claiming your truth that you will ever be set free. 

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For anyone curious about how these planetary energies or how the planets in general impact your own astrological chart please feel free to contact me for a reading. There is something incredibly validating when we see that our life path does indeed come with an imprint of who we are and it’s even more amazing when we allow the planets to reveal our story. Contact me at joey.paynter@gmail.com or check out my website at www.joeypaynter.com