3 month Soul Program


3 month Soul Program


This program is specifically set up for your needs. No two programs will be alike. The theme for one won't be the same theme for another person. Maybe you want to focus on claiming your truth. Maybe you want to focus on letting go, maybe you want to focus on your soul's purpose. Maybe you want to focus on discovering new aspects to yourself. It all depends on you.

The 3 month Soul Program Includes

  • A 30 minute consultation to discuss your needs and direction for the next three months.

  • A 60 min birth chart reading (in person, Skype, or phone)

  • 6 one hour sessions (in person, Skype, or phone)

  • Weekly emails delivered to you over the 12 weeks to inspire, guide and follow up on your journey.

  • 6 rituals - 3 new moon and 3 full moon rituals tailored to what you are working through

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