What is Evolutionary Astrology?

I practice evolutionary astrology, a type of astrology that embraces paradigms and methodologies that specifically emphasizes the growth of the soul from life to life. 

My astrology readings utilize both my clinical training and studies in Jungian and Archetypal psychology as a way to uncover the depths of your soul's expression. Instead of slapping on a fixed list of labels according to your sign, I listen to the unique heartbeat found in your natal chart and use the language of evolutionary astrology to help bring your story to life. 

What's a Natal Chart?

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A natal chart is a snap shot of the of the planets alignment and their angular relationship to the position of the earth at the exact time of your birth. The basis of astrology is built on the understanding that the planets are symbolically connected to archetypes and these archetypal energies are what in turn influence human kind.

The position of the planets at the time of one’s birth continue to influence the individual’s personality and the various themes one is likely to encounter throughout the entirety of a person’s life. It is important to remember that this blueprint of the planets is not a deterministic script and nor is it intended as a means to “predict the future.” Instead, astrology is used as a tool to illuminate the archetypal energies that influence our lives daily. Since your natal chart is a snapshot of the cosmos from the very moment you were born, it holds within it the qualities and desires of your most authentic self. 


What Will I Gain From A Reading?

  • An understanding of the signs, houses, and planets specific to your chart

  • An understanding of your karmic story and your soul lessons for this lifetime

  • A deeper understanding about your soul's evolutionary path

  • Clarity on who your natural partners are in this world

  • A deeper look into how you show up in relationships, career, passion, family, and spirituality

  • A sense of freedom to fully express the different aspects of you

  • A reminder of who you are and what you've come here to do

Which Reading is Right for Me?

1. Natal Reading

Start here. This is a 90 minute exploration of your natal chart (planet, houses, signs) plus an exploration into some of your major life themes and an in depth look at the moon's nodes (your soul's purpose). It's the first step you'll need to take before jumping into the other readings.

2. Transit Reading -

Once you've had your Natal Reading, this 90 min session will illuminate what planetary alignments are influencing your chart over the next year. You will learn what energies are currently present and activated in your chart and how you can best work along side them. Prerequisite: Natal Reading

3. Couple's Reading -

Curious about the underlying dynamics at play with your relationship? This reading will allow us to take a look at each of your individual charts and then explore how you impact and influence one another. Lastly, we will look at your composite chart, which will show the energy you two exude together.  This is between 1.5-2hours.

4. Follow up Sessions - 

These 60 min sessions are set up to help you dive deeper into your chart and look at how you can integrate these energies deeper into your life.

How Do I Book A Reading With Joey?

If you'd like to schedule a reading, please click on the link below. This will lead you to four different types of readings (Natal Chart, Transit, Relational Reading (Synastry Chart), and Follow up Sessions) that will be delivered to you through phone or Skype. Once you add your selected reading to the cart it will ask for you to answer a few questions. I will need to know your birthdate, birth time, and place of birth (city, state, country) in order to provide an accurate reading. If you are interested in astrology readings for your party or event please contact me. Individual readings start at $185 and prices for events start at $250

You can also email me at joey.paynter@gmail.com

What Was Your Experience?

I was so impressed with Joey’s insights into my inner landscape, personality, and challenges through her knowledge of astrology. She beautifully incorporates her vast knowledge of all things spiritual into her interpretation of my chart and wove a valuable tapestry of information that I found extremely personal and helpful. I highly recommend anyone interested in astrology to book a reading with Joey!”
— Natalie S.
Joey exhibits a beautiful blend of psychology and astrology. Her therapeutic edge makes the astrology digestible and user friendly. Readings surface our innate modus operandi, so having someone so well versed in human behavior helped me to not only understand my astrological patterns, but also to see what I might do about these patterns. Her approach is alive and inspiring; I felt gently guided toward my own truth.”
— Renee B (Therapist)
I have always thought of astrology as “something for fun” and didn’t put much value into it’s credibility….That is until Joey read mine. I was taken back by the reading’s accuracy, relevance, and ability to touch the depths of my soul. Joey’s intuition, insight, and thoughtfulness brought a therapeutic element to the reading and helped me to reconnect to the essence of who I am and what I want to be about in my life. I’m often critical of myself and struggle with self-esteem, but as Joey was talking, I felt good about who I am - the real ME - it felt like my shortcomings and all of the little things that obscure the beauty of my soul were cleared away for a moment and I got to see who I really am. I walked away with a sense of purpose, hope, and direction in things I need and can do to live congruent with my soul.”
— Sara B. (Therapist)
My reading with Joey connected so many dots for me. I could see the events, patterns, and feelings occurring throughout my life coming together in a way that is meaningful. Joey’s way of weaving the story shed light on questions I’d had for years. The space she held during the reading gave me a feeling of oneness. I walked away feeling more connected to my sense of self and purpose.”
— Alexandra T. (Witch, Healer, Shaman)
I was blown away by the accuracy that Joey was able to explain my disposition towards life thus far in my journey.  Every deeper layer she unpacked in my chart brought a fresh level of self-awareness and acceptance.  I find myself referencing the reading often in conversations and all the wisdom and depth of insight that was pouring out of her!”
— Rachael L - (University Program Director)
I’m not the type of person who generally consults astrologers, but I’ve always been drawn to the idea. My session with Joey was eye opening; she’s a very intuitive and open person who’s also a great listener. I felt very comfortable and also enjoyed talking to her. I can’t wait for my next session and to hear what the stars have in store for me!”
— Alanna M. (Author)
Being new to astrology, I didn’t really know what to expect.  Joey made me feel very comfortable and has a real gift for providing insightful readings.  She explained everything in an easy to understand and a deeply meaningful way.”
— Eric F. (Product Designer)
I’ve done some reading about astrology and my chart on my own, trying to learn more about it, but kept finding that different sources used lots of the same descriptions and cliché phrases for things, such that I had trouble deepening my understanding or explicating things that didn’t make sense to me. Joey was able to explain with wonderful clarity, practicality, and depth how certain elements of my chart show up in my life and in my internal experience. Her understanding of planetary energies and their relationships to each other far exceeds just a cursory knowledge of A means B and X means Y. It’s the difference between memorizing it and *getting* it.”
— Kristen W. (Therapist)