I'm an artist. I can't help but create. It's in my veins and It's just what I do. It's what I see. It' what I feel and it's how I breathe my soul into the world. My art work is an outer manifestation of where psyche meets soul. Below is an exploration of a few of the different aspects of my self. The intention is to give these parts an expression so that I can see what it is that they wan to tell me. Personifying and fully embodying these aspects allows me to gain a better understanding of what these parts need and how they are showing up in my world.  While this is also some of the work that I help my clients do, I believe that it's equally important that I dive deep into the underworld and do my own inner work. 

If you're interested in exploring different aspects of your SELF and would like to have high quality photographic images to reflect your journey then send me a message and we can discuss the details further. Please check out the offerings section to get a better feel for the different types of work we can do together. 


This is an exploration of my anger. In the beginning it was chaotic and out of control unable to ground into anything. Once I connected and realized my anger was rooted in the pressures from my external world, I was then able to channel that anger to kill my all the "figures" and rules that tell me who I "Should be." Once I did this my anger was then transformed into a controlled expression that was filled with creativity, beauty, and passion.

This is an exploration of my trickster. I discovered that she is really strategic, crafty, and is always scheming up a plan to try and take care of my inner child. Everything is a game to her and it's all about moving all the pieces around until she finds which self will get the job done.

Inner Parent
This was an exploration of my inner parent. This is a part I knew very well for others but hadn't been able to activate for myself until I could feel the love for my inner child. The teddy bear was a symbolic representation of my inner child and as I played with the bear on the playground I was able to feel a very profound love with a deep desire to protect. 

Phoenix Rising
This is an exploration of my Phoenix rising. I have become very accustomed to the descent and this time I wanted to really feel what it was like to rise from the ashes. This is a depiction of my self that knows how emerge from the depths with a new sense of life.