Full Moon in Libra - March 31st, 2018


On Saturday, March 31st, 2018 (5:38am PST and 8:38am EST), the Full Moon that also happens to be a Blue Moon glows in the airy and tranquil sign of Libra. The sign that loves relationship, craves harmony, is wired to see life from the others point of view, and isn't afraid of compromise. She doesn’t care if someone is right or the other is wrong, because she’s not concerned with the truth. If you haven’t figured it out what she cares most about IS the relationship. You see she values connection more than anything. She’ll even sacrifice her own truth if it makes you happy. In many ways Libra acts as a bridge. She sees the other, responds to the other and if necessary, she becomes the other. Since she carries the weight of all these sides, she sometimes feels the chaos bubbling up within. And when she feels the pulse of chaos, her truth is that she needs to calm down. Maybe that’s why she also has a love for creating and a deep appreciation for beauty. I mean let’s be honest, there’s nothing like a little art to calm the soul down. 

Of course we can’t forget her shadow and in the spirit of seeing every side as worthy, Libra doesn’t take a side, she doesn't take a stance, and in fact she refuses to at all costs. To put it mildly - She avoids. Sometimes the easiest way to hide is to focus on the other. Sure she can plaster on a smile at a moments notice and she most certainly knows exactly what it is you want to hear. Her aim is to please, because what makes her happy, is you happy. There’s just one problem, in her drive to please, she ends up having no idea about who or what she wants and so she becomes frozen by indecision – also known as, another way for her to hide. 

Okay so now we know the energy of Libra, but what does this all mean for this Full Moon? I’m sure you can guess there’s an emphasis on relationships, connections, partnerships, and any agreements or contracts you’ve made with others. This is most certainly true, but we also need to pay attention to Mars and Saturn, who are hanging out with each other in the sign of Capricorn and making a harsh angle to this Full Moon energy. This might provide a challenge and stir up some confrontation not just with others, but also within your SELF. 

During this Full Moon don’t be afraid to look within to see how you are showing up in your relationships. Like pull out the mirror and look into your own soul type of reflection. Pause. Go look in the mirror. No, really. Go look. What do you see? Who do you see? Maybe the bigger question is- who is looking back at you? If you can’t see yourself clearly then look to your relationships –What does the relationship say about you? Dig in deep and ask- is there anything I’m projecting onto others? If you still can't see - ask your partner and then listen without defending. Just listen. 

Of course we also need to cast our gaze towards Mercury, the planet of communication, thought, and perception that is currently colored by the energy of Aries (read: fiery and passionate and full of flare) and is directly opposing this Full Moon. Oh, and Wait. One. More. Thing. Mercury is also in retrograde. Yep. It’s that time of year. So be ready for anything that has felt unresolved in your partnerships because I wouldn’t be surprised at all if old conflicts or disagreements resurface at this time. Is there a familiar pattern you find yourself playing out? Pay special close attention to your thoughts and the words you use when you’re expressing yourself. Don’t forget that communication also includes all those words that have remained unsaid.

If you felt yourself cringe a little. I completely understand. This Full Moon sounds like it’s arriving with quite a bit of baggage. Just remember you can choose to carry it with you wherever you go, or you can unpack it and figure out what needs to be released -  or in this case – what needs to be said. One thing is for certain, if you continue to hold on and keep it to yourself, then I have no doubt that the heaviness will keep weighing you down. 

So I bet your wondering how to navigate the energy during this weighty Full Moon. Well, you always have a choice, and Libra is here to remind you of the different points of view, but if you’re longing to feel some peace, then you might have to go through the fire. To say it more simply, you might have to face what you would rather avoid. The beauty in this approach is that unresolved issues can finally be placed on the table. So, if you’ve felt that your truth has been buried, then re-center, find your bearings, and utilize anything that will help you speak out with integrity. You might feel tempted to smooth things over because Libra simply wants to get along. But no matter how much you might want to sweep things under the rug eventually everything you’ve placed in hiding will start to take over your life. That's no fun.

So ask yourself: Is there something I’ve been avoiding in my relationships? What is the unnecessary baggage that I am holding? Am I ready to change the contract? Is there an agreement that no longer serves either one of us? Is chaos brewing in my life? What would it take for me to calm down? How can I become a bridge for myself? Where do I need to place some boundaries? Is it possible for me to claim my truth and still stay in relationship? 

So while this full moon might feel a little tricky at first, it’s also offering you a chance to soothe the chaos and experience some peace. But first you have to enter the fire. This won’t happen without some intentional hard work. Remember it’s not about who is right or who is wrong, but taking responsibility for your part. It’s about showing up and accepting that you can’t change the other, but you can certainly attempt to see life through their eyes. Or maybe you are being reminded that you need to see life through your own and claim your truth for once. 

While we all might feel pulled during this Full Moon to confront our deeper truths in our relationships, we will each experience this lunar energy differently depending on where Libra/Aires is located in your chart or if you have a natal planet associated with it. If you would like a more personalized reading, I’d love to set up a session with you.

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[*Note* The ABOVE contains a personification of the sign Libra. The sign is not gendered and the She could just as easily be used as He.]