New Moon in Gemini - June 13, 2018


On Wednesday, June 13th, 2018 (12:44pm PST and 3:44pm EST) the New Moon/Supermoon begins its cycle in the curious and perceptive sign of Gemini. The sign that is here to see and absorb everything she can, the sign that desires to know more than she does, and embraces confusion and mystery as the signatures for her life. Let’s be clear, she’s not here to make up her mind, she’s here to fill it with all the colors of possibility. Ideas? She has plenty. She carries a childlike wonder that marvels at everything and she’s not afraid to move a million miles an hour, in fact, she can’t help it, and if there’s one word she can’t tolerate, it’s boredom. For her, there’s always something new, always something bright, always something just around the corner. To tell her there isn’t, well I guarantee she’ll prove you wrong. Her shadow might come out if you show her a truth she doesn’t want to see. Be warned: she can spin any story, any line, and any truth all without telling a lie, because for her, words are her greatest arsenal. So whether you’re right or she’s right, in an argument, you’ve likely met your match. Not to mention that with all that mind chatter, if she doesn’t seek release then it’s likely that tension will build and this will leave here in a state of complete emotional exhaustion. Ugh.

So what might this mean for you during this New Moon? It could be a time to fill your mind with some new ideas, or maybe you become more curious in any areas you might have felt stuck or labeled, and it could also be a time that you allow yourself to be captured by the wonder of this world. Another perspective might suggest that confusion has come over you and you really aren’t sure what to think – about anything. The theme is your perception and whether this is highlighted through dialogues or curious inquiries, it is likely that your mind will be active. With all this mind activity being stimulated make sure you find a release. Go exercise, talk with a friend, learn something new, be curios, go for a walk, play some tennis – just allow yourself some space and maybe even some quiet. Refrain from any sweeping claims and if all else fails, ask questions. 

Speaking of questions, during this New Moon you might want to ask: Where could I become more curious in my life? Is there any area of my life where I feel confused? Is there something new I’d like to try? Need to try? What would help me release some of the stress I’ve been holding? Is there someone I need to talk to? Is there something that I need to share? Is there something in my current world that I need to reframe? 

Now Gemini likes facts, and she will ask you to pay more attention to the information that is present rather than any opinions you or others might have about a certain topic or idea. However, since the ruler of Gemini is Mercury, and right now Mercury is in the sign of Cancer, which is the ruler of the Moon, we might conclude that this New Moon is softer than the usual Gemini energy we’re used to. This Gemini New Moon will want you to consider your feelings inside the facts. Say what? Basically, it’s time to show some emotional intelligence and you might find it easier than usual to access empathy in your conversations. The only catch is with empathy comes vulnerability and if we are left wide open, we might also become more defensive and quick to hurt or push others away with our words. During this time you might also want to consider if there are any changes you need to make in your commitments. Consider what might give you more freedom to express your truth. 

Neptune does make a very very wide square to Neptune in Pisces. The only caution here would be to not become disillusioned by any information that comes to us at this time. Remember: everything might not be as it seems and that everything you hear might not be the truth. However, with the lack of true aspects to this New Moon, expect the messages that come your way to be almost crystal clear.

While we all might feel pulled during this New Moon to engage in some new ideas, we will all experience this lunar energy differently depending on where Gemini is located in your chart or if you have a natal planet associated with it. If you would like a more personalized reading, I’d love to set up a session with you.

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[*Note* The ABOVE contains a personification of the sign Gemini. The sign is not gendered and the SHE could just as easily be used as HE.]