Full Moon in Pisces - August 26, 2018

On Sunday, August 26th, 2018 (4:56am PST and 7:56am EST), the Full Moon glows in the fluid and watery sign of Pisces. The sign that prefers to speak in metaphors, connects with images, andcalls the land of the imagination home. Pisces knows how to blend, she knows how to flow, and she can merge into anyone or any THING. For a Pisces, it’s less about sight and more about sensing. And oh, let me tell you, not only does she sense your feelings, she feels them as if they were her own. You’ll recognize her for her compassion and her gentle spirit that knows no barriers because all of life flows together as one. Some might call her a mystic, others a poet, and still others may see her as a dreamer. Her deepest treasure is her inner world and oh does that world seethe with life. 

Of course there’s always a shadow and Since Pisces is often without edges, it’s easy for her to drift… And drift… And drift. Sometimes this means she’s simply going through the motions and if this continues for too long then it’s easy for her becomes trapped inside her story. If this happens it’s only a matter of time befor she’ll forget how to live or engage with her life out loud. The world out there becomes too much and so she does what she does best– she escapes and finds a way to numb herself or at the very least she’ll disconnect.

So what’s happening with this Full Moon? First let’s just acknowledge that we’ve made it through three eclipses in addition to Mars and Mercury being in retrograde. Phew! That’s a lot. It’s safe to say it’s been quite intense these past few months. It’s likely you experienced frustrations brewing from all the setbacks and challenges you encountered. Luckily this Full Moon in Pisces brings us all some much needed relief. You might even find that resolutions to these struggles have already started to appear. If this is the case, allow yourself to celebrate the shift and enjoy the moment for what it is. Since it’s Pisces energy make sure you turn deeply within to see what visions might want to present themselves to you. This can happen in your waking world or even through your dreams. The art is in learning how to pay attention to them so that these images can pass on their messages to us.

I’d also like to mention that this Full Moon is making a Grand Earth Trine with the Sun in Virgo, Saturn in Capricorn, and Uranus in Taurus. So while the Pisces energy may want to pull you deep into the land of your imagination, there’s also a strong current that is calling you to put your imagination into something practical. Allow yourself to fall deeply into the action of creating something new for your life that is fueled by your passion. Whether this is a project, a ritual, a new job, or even a new idea - the time is right for you to dive in wholeheartedly so that you might see it to completion. Luckily there’s more good news: On August 27thMars is finally stationing direct in Capricorn and this will give an added boost to your workflow and assist you with your drive to create something tangible, concrete, and real over the next couple of weeks. Here’s the catch though – since it’s Pisces energy we also must be mindful about using work as an escape.

Additionally, Venus is in Libra and it’s making a harsh aspect to Pluto in Capricorn. This has the potential to stir up some intense feelings inside your relationships. It would be wise at this time to remain as clear as possible in your connections to others and be weary of situations that might call on you to compromise your integrity. Hint: stay close to your truth even if it means you might lose something in the process. Your authenticity in these moments is truly the key to your freedom and healing. 

If you’d like some promptings for this Full Moon ask yourself: What is my inner world requiring me to see right now? What dreams and images are stirring within my soul? What would it look like to put these dreams into action? Is there anything in my life that needs some resolution? What would I like to create? What would I like to celebrate in my life? Are there any relationships where I am hiding my authentic self? 

So with this Full Moon step into your dreams, play in your imagination, and find ways to bring these dreams into a tangible expression. Give yourself wholeheartedly to a project that lives close to your heart and make sure you create some moments that honor and celebrate everything you’ve been through this year. 

While we all might feel pulled during this Full Moon to go within and create something newwe will all experience this lunar energy differently depending on where Pisces is located in your chart or if you have a natal planet associated with it. If you would like a more personalized reading, I’d love to set up a session with you.

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[*Note* The ABOVE contains a personification of the sign Pisces. The sign is not gendered and the SHE could just as easily be used as HE.]