Full Moon in Libra - April 19, 2019


On Friday, April 19, 2019 (4:12 AM PST and 7:12 AM EST) the Full Moon glows in the airy and peaceful sign of Libra. The sign that loves relationship, appreciates beauty, craves harmony, is wired to see life from the others point of view, and isn't afraid of compromise.Of course, we can’t forget her shadow and in the spirit of seeing every side as worthy, Libra refuses to take a stance. You see her aim is to please, because what makes her happy, IS you happy. There’s just one problem, sometimes her drive to please places you above her, so much so, that she ends up having no idea about who or what she wants. There’s also a good chance that she’ll become frozen by indecision. For those of you who have ever felt this, you’re likely to know the frustration that arises from the inability to choose. Libra lives closely to this feeling.

As you know, the Full Moon occurs when the Earth is directly between the Moon and the Sun. Right now the Sun falls in Aries, the sign that thirsts for life, is full of energy, and has the drive of a warrior. So on the one hand we can feel Libra calling for beauty, fairness, connection, and compromise while on the other hand we see Aries is ready to rush in full force and claim what she wants and needs for herself. Basically, It’s the tension between the needs of the relationship verses what you might need for yourself. 

If any of this sounds familiar it’s because this is our second Full Moon in Libra. The last one occurred on March 20that 0 degrees 09’ and this one occurs at the 29th degree 07’, which is known as a critical degree because it’s the last point before it transitions into the next sign. So with this Full Moon at the 29thdegree in Libra, we can feel the emphasis on the completion of those rumblings we felt back in March and that initially started brewing back in October when the New Moon was in Libra. 

Take a moment and think back to what you were dealing with a month ago and then how it might connect or relate to events from last October. What were you experiencing inside your relationships? Were there any agreements, negotiations, or decisions that were in the beginning stages?Of course, back in March, this was also when Mercury was retrograde so the lines of communication might have felt a bit unclear then. Fast forward to today and now we find that Mercury has cozied up close to Chiron, the archetype of the wounded healer. Perhaps there are some difficult conversations that we need to have in some of our relationships before we can move forward and put an end to this chapter. Or maybe the difficult conversation is the one we need to have with ourselves. 

So this Full Moon carries the potential for us to deepen our connection with others, to accept what we have found difficult to accept, and to help us open up to see the other person’s perspective without surrendering our own.

I’d also like to mention that Uranus, the planet associated with sudden changes, is opposing this Full Moon and is hanging out quite closely to the Sun. This means there’s good reason to expect the unexpected in some of your relationships or connections.Maybe you’ll experience a sudden change in your connection through a departure or a deepening. Maybe you’ll hear some news out of the blue that creates a change for where you’re headed in your life or maybe you’ll find that there’s an opening where there once felt like a dead end.It’s important to remember that Uranus also carries the archetype of the genius and so we might experience her as an awakener or even as that voice of inspiration. With that said, maybe these changes are acting as more of a wake up call for you or maybe they can inspire you to see your life from a different perspective. 

 Of course we also need to address the presence of both Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn that are also tightly connected to the South Node (your past karma) and together they are making a bit of a challenging aspect to this Full Moon. We associate Saturn with limits and restrictions and Pluto with wounds and the death and rebirth cycle. When they are together there is the power for sustained concentration that can make anything, yes, anything happen especially with a large dose of hard work and a splash of determination. On the other hand, you could feel overwhelmed from all the pressures presented along your path and so you find yourself frozen in the process. If this happens, do your best to breathe and try to step outside of the situation just for a moment. There might be something else that is trying to push through. In other words, this doesn’t have to be the end to the story. 

 So with this Full Moon do your best to ride the wave of changes that sit before you without falling into your fears, give yourself permission to break free from any restraints you’ve felt inside any of your relationships, embrace your own unique path, and do whatever you need to do to feel a sense of peace, balance, and beauty in your life. Sometimes it’s as simple as going outside and watching the sunset or walking barefoot in the grass or even staring up at the moon.If anything starts to feel too unsettling just remember, there’s always another side to your story and it’s likely that involves a larger story that maybe just maybe hasn’t been revealed to you yet. 

 While we all might feel that something inside our relationships is trying to move towards completion during this Full Moon, we will each experience this lunar energy differently depending on where Libra is located in your chart or if you have a natal planet associated with it. If you are interested in a more personalized reading, I’d love to set up a session with you. 

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[*Note* The ABOVE contains a personification of the sign Libra and the sign Aries. The sign is not gendered and the SHE could just as easily be used as He.