Full moon Aquarius

Aquarius Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse on August 7, 2017

On Monday, August 7 (11:11am PST and 2:11pm EST), we will experience both a lunar eclipse and a full moon in the airy and rebellious sign of Aquarius. The sign that likes to deconstruct, tear down walls, and create change, no scratch that – IS change. And she isn’t afraid of being the odd ball, the rebel, the misfit, or the revolutionist. Aquarius in her highest form is here to liberate, to set free, and to shake things up where things have become stagnant and stale inside a set structure or way of being. Her true essence is her individuality and any type of conforming would feel like death to her magical unicorn like soul. It’s important that she dances to the beat of her own drum and she’ll do so even when she’s told she can’t especially when she’s told she can’t. Rules? They make her cringe. She’s definitely not a fan of limits. Yes, this can get her into trouble, but she’s not concerned about that because she knows her way of being is what opens her up to everything that’s new and extraordinary. This is her gift. This is her magic. This is her heartbeat. Are you paying attention?

I know you might be thinking she’s a little weird. But trust me her weirdness is her truest and most magiKal expression of herself. You see she’s not meant to fit in, and oh how people want her to and they even fear what will happen to her if she doesn’t. Of course she could choose to please them, but that would be like selling her soul and living out someone else’s life just to make them happy. The core of her knows that her path is to not fit in, her path is to create her own, and she knows that her path doesn’t have to make sense to anyone but her. In fact, it’s often better if it doesn’t. She’s not invincible and what causes her pain is when others want to dim her color or try to change her stripes or spots or zig zags. You see, her beauty is in what makes her different, it’s in how she stands out and to try and force her to fit in is the same thing as asking her to betray her soul.

There’s a shadow side to everything and while her uniqueness is her greatest gift she can also be seen as unreliable, unpredictable, and insensitive to other’s feelings. To some this might feel unsafe because there’s not anything to hold onto. We must remember though that she’s not here to create a container, but instead, she's here to set us free from it. Her greatest shadow is if she chooses to acquiesce to the pressures of society and puts on the heavy costume of conformity. If this happens she’s created a slow death for herself and you’ll know it, too; because her eyes will become hollow and her life will seem robotic, even if she appears successful.

Can you feel the dynamic energy of Aquarius? I hope so, because this is the energy the full moon will be holding. Of course, I also need to add that this isn’t just any old regular full moon, but it’s a powerful lunar eclipse. To put it simply an eclipse adds in an extra dimension to the lunar energies by exposing aspects of ourselves that we would prefer stay hidden. Whether we accept this or not, there’s no way of escaping it and we might even feel it amplified up a few notches. So couple this with the Aquarian energy and it seems we are all in for quite a ride. Don’t be surprised if the old outworn and outdated structures you've created start crumbling down. The key is to stay present and to remain open for any significant changes that are ready to occur in your life. This of course might feel painful and unsettling if you choose to cling to what you’ve always known, but if you can remember that Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, is here to liberate you, then maybe you can honor the changes and flow with the moments.

One other aspect I’d like to add is that this lunar eclipse is linked to the south node (our past) in Aquarius, and opposing the north node in Leo, the sign that needs expression. It is likely that you might experience issues from the past or past lifetimes resurfacing now. These issues may have left you feeling stuck, stagnant, or at a loss on how to create any change. To say it simply, it’s time for a clearing, but first there must be an acceptance of the death of what once was. Sometimes we stay in our patterns because they have become our comforts. We stay because it’s what we know. We hold on because the unknown feels too scary to embrace. The rebirth is usually more appealing than the death, but without the death occurring first we aren’t able to move into the new. You are now faced with an opportunity to honor your past and let go of what no longer serves you.

So during this full moon ask yourself: What am I holding onto? What pattern(s) have I been stuck in? What ancient wounds are ready to be resolved? Where do I fear change in my life? Where have I been compromising mySELF? What is the rhythm for my soul and what would it look like to follow it? What would it look like if I fully engaged in my life right now? What makes me weird? How have I hid my amazing and wild uniqueness from the world?

While the shadow of Aquarius might stir up feelings of isolation or even rejection from societal norms, it also offers us the energy of remaining true to our self above all else. So dig in, stay mindful, allow for change, honor the process of decay, and awaken those parts of yourself that you’ve let stay hidden for way too long. Maybe just maybe you mind find that this unpredictable ride is full of beautiful synchronicities that are just waiting to reveal themselves to you.

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