Soul Stories

Soul stories is a collaborative effort between Joey Paynter and Jennifer Lothrigel. A soul story comes from within and shares a vital aspect of the life to whom the story belongs. We work together with you to identify different parts of the self that are currently active and sometimes the ones that have been disowned in your personal story.

Through a brief consultation we begin to assess which part wants to come forth. We then identify the location and from there we will create with you on how your self would dress, talk, move, and express. We photograph and video the entire process while you enact and embody the personified expression. During the whole exploration we both hold space and support your inner journey of reclaiming different parts of your psyche. Once the process feels complete, we then put together a video and send you pictures so that you can become a witness to your own story.

If you are interested in creating your own soul story with us, please contact me for details and pricing. We are located in both Southern California and also in the San Francisco Bay area, but we are available for travel. 

What Does a Soul Story Look Like?


Billy's Soul Story
In this Soul Story, Billy explores a time in his life when he had to use metal arm crutches to walk, not knowing if he would ever walk again due to a serious illness. The 'Rogue Bastard' emerges as the lead character in his story, a tough protector that is possibily even ready to love. Billy's soul story process takes him on a journey that was unexpected and yet transformational as the layers of roughness dissolve to reveal a fun and creative visionary inner Buddha.

Lauren's Soul Story
Lauren explored the part of her that wasn't allowed to be the wild woman and then the part of her that is the healer for both herself and others. 

Kalai's Soul Story
Kalai does a deep exploration of her shadow

Sheryl Soul Story
Sheryl's Soul story is an exploration of the dark and light, the inner protector and the inner child. It is the story of a girl who longs for love and her journey to reclaim the sparkly child who loves the simple things.

Kristi's Soul Story
Kristi explored the transformation from the wounded self that needs healing to the butterfly that knows the fullness of her colors. 

Kimmy's Soul Story
Kimmy looked at the parts of herself that struggled to trust others. She then discovered the detective that could seek out love and find trust for her self and this allowed her to become the central character to her own love story.

Brenna's Soul Story
Brenna explores what it is her soul is truly looking for. It's not found outside of her but rather from within. She explores the housewife, the performer ,and her spiritual self in order to see what story she's been creating.

Heather's Soul Story
Heather explored the process of shedding her skin and birthing the sacred feminine from within. 

Jennifer's Soul Story
Jennifer explores what it's like to be the clown and comes to find that making mistakes are all a part of it. In essence there is no mistake just all part of the process. 

Joey's Soul Story
An exploration of the trickster, the vulnerable child who is alone and wants to be seen and the inner parent who sees and cares for the vulnerable child.