New Moon in Cancer - June 23, 2017

On Friday, June 23, 2017 (7:31pm PST and 10:31pm EST), the moon begins its new cycle in the watery and healing sign of Cancer. The sign that breathes nurturing, senses everything from within, and FEELS the deepest depths of feelings while knowing how to make everyone feel safe and protected. Imagine a womb, a cave, a bubble bath, or a place where you can curl up inside with a blanket, a good book, and tune out the exterior world with all its demands and pressures. A place that allows you to sink into your own skin and the only expectation is for you to tend to your own needs. Can you feel it? This is the home of Cancer. A place where you can tuck in and feel tenderness, kindness, compassion, and experience a much needed cathartic release of everything you’ve been holding onto. Cancer knows a secret. It knows that tears are messengers from the soul and that power doesn’t come from holding them inside, but rather in freeing them to tell their own story. It is the sign that knows what it is like to feel the most vulnerable while also knowing the importance of having a shell of protection. After all most of us only share our secrets and bare our souls when we feel safe. Cancer knows this.

Now this new moon happens to be conjunct Mercury, the planet of perception, ideas, communication, and the exchange of information. So what does this mean? Well, if we combine these energies, we might start to reflect on how we are using our words both with our self and with others. Maybe some of these questions will help: How are you aligning your thoughts, words, and perceptions with what you are feeling? Where are you not aligned? What healing does your heart and soul still need from you? How can you offer healing words to another? Is there anything that you need to speak out and release that you’ve been holding onto and pushing down? How can you listen more deeply to what it is your soul is trying to tell you? What is the healing gift you can offer to yourself at this time? What do you need? No, really. What is it that you truly need right now?

Sometimes we will immediately know the answers to these questions and at other times we need to sit and let it all sink in. Sometimes the feelings don’t have words. Sometimes the message is to simply cry. Sometimes we simply need to allow ourselves to feel. Sometimes we need to scream, yell, dance, or even laugh until the tears fall down. And sometimes we don’t have a clue what it is our soul needs. This is where the people we deeply trust come into play, the people we call our soul family or our tribe, the people that create a safe space simply by offering us their presence. So if you’re feeling at a loss for what it is you need, ask one of these soul friends to sit with you and if you feel it’s necessary-- share your story, share your heartache, share your thoughts, and sometimes use words, but know that sometimes a connection with the eyes is all we need to sink into our SELF.

Lastly, extend a large dose of compassion to yourself and know that this is often the greatest gift of nourishment we can offer to our own soul. So with this new moon, set those intentions by deeply listening to what your soul is whispering to you. Pay attention to those nudges and don’t be afraid to dream new life into any ideas that have been floating around inside you. Who knows maybe a conversation will spark something that’s been hiding and waiting for you to pay it some much needed attention. Maybe reminiscing with a family member or dear friend is all the healing you need.

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