New Moon in Leo - July 23, 2017

The last full moon was nothing short of intense and powerful. Did you feel it? I would be surprised if you didn’t. It’s now time to recollect ourselves after the whirlwind of all that was stirred up and brought to the surface from those deep, shadowy, and hidden depths.

On Sunday, July 23rd (2:45am PST and 5:45am EST), the moon begins a new cycle in the fiery and expressive sign of Leo. The sign that is bold, playful, full of creativity, and has a deep desire to express outLOUD. It’s the sign that needs to be seen, needs to be witnessed, and needs to be noticed. Not because it’s trying to steal the spotlight, but rather because there’s something from within that needs to be expressed. If it’s not, then it feels trapped, stuck, depressed, and unable to make sense of the inner world.  This sign needs an outlet even more than it needs air, kindness, or compassion. EXPRESSION is its breath and without it, it might just start to suffocate.

If there’s something that is stirring within your soul, well now is the time to express it. You don’t have to call yourself an artist to tap into the creative energy of Leo. You, your life, the way you live IS the outer manifestation of your soul. Everything you do is an expression of you. The way you dress, the way you talk, the way you move through life, the people you hold close, the way you color your space, and the places you choose to visit are all splashes from your paintbrush. So with the new moon in Leo we might ask ourselves these questions:  What story are you showing to the world? What are you reflecting about your soul? Is there a part of you that needs more expression? Is there something that is waiting for you to give it form or something that needs an outlet to express? What are you creating?

There’s a Carl Jung quote that I’m rather fond of that states, “But if you have nothing at all to create, then perhaps you create yourself.” It is a reminder that we are all artists, and that we are all in a constant state of creating. Now that doesn’t mean we always like what create, but what it does is offer us a mirror directly into our being, and directly into our soul. Our life is our canvas. So look around you, look at your world, look at all the different players, notice the stage, and ask yourself where am I on that stage? Am in the center or am I hiding back in the shadows and watching everyone else dance? What does my life say about me? If my life were thrown onto a screen - what story would I be sharing with the world? If you don’t like your story, how would you like to change it?

This new moon is also greatly influenced by the fiery planet Mars. It is the planet of passion, self-determination, freedom, carries war like energy, aggressiveness, feistiness, and directness. Mars is here to teach us to face our fears and develop some courage so that we can become the warrior. It is a planet of action. There’s no sitting back here and since we have Uranus placed at a tense aspect with the Moon, Sun, and Mars, we can also expect quite a bit of change. This simply means that Mars will likely carry a more edgy feel with this new moon. It certainly has the potential to be volatile if we let it, and it will also be filled with some unpredictability. Don’t be surprised if your patience is tested and that you find that the little things stir up frustrations more so than usual. Before you start dreading this new moon, just realize that with all this intense, fiery energy, there is a huge call to express what you feel in creative and healthy ways. Use your creativity to channel all that intense energy so that it doesn’t destruct inside you or spill over onto another.

Returning back to the energy of Leo, we must remember that he is here to be in love with life, he might see his fears, but his goal is to not be swayed by them and he knows that there is very little room for doubt because he believes that anything can happen and anything can be.  During this new moon, say YES to life, breathe in every opportunity, and remember that magiK is everywhere no matter how difficult anything might feel in the moment. Even when everything feels dark and heavy, Leo carries the gift of optimism and faith. He is that single match in the dark, that small spark that can start a fire with very little effort. Ask yourself, “What is it that I want to spark in my life?

So with all this fiery and intense energy don’t be afraid to play during this new moon. Most of us have forgotten that playing is often the secret to seeing what sits in our soul. It teaches us to be in the moment, and it moves us deeper into our being. Allow yourself the gift of playing with who you are, what you feel, what you want, what you see, and what you need. What do I mean by that? Paint, finger paint, dance, draw, skip, jump, take pictures of nature that tell your story, decorate your space, blow dandelions and watch the seeds fly, spin with arms wide open, have a tea party with your inner child, build a website, create a new project, find a new passion, create a new start, make a collage, journal your dreams in colors. Just do something where you aren’t attached to the outcome because you are so completely present with the moment. The key is to take some initiative and create from your depths. Honestly, the options are endless and you never know you might be surprised on how the simple act of playing and creating offers you a new sense of freedom. So find new ways to bring yourself to life. Drink in the energy of creativity, and remember that you are the paintbrush, the pen, the camera, the pencil, and the keys on the keyboard and that your life is the beautiful, messy, perfectly imperfect, creative and magiKal message of YOU.


>play on<

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