New Moon in Capricorn - January 16, 2018


On Tuesday, January 16th, 2018 (9:17pm EST and 6:17pm PST), the moon begins its new cycle in the earthy and grounded sign of Capricorn. The sign that likes boundaries, craves purpose, discipline, and hard work. He is wired for climbing, is fueled by the challenge, and deeply recognizes that no mountain is off limits or too far from his reach. He is the sign that knows the necessity of stability, feels joy in productivity, is quick to create a strategy, and knows deeply the importance of establishing a firm foundation. It’s not that he dislikes play entirely, but for him, he needs there to be purpose, because he understands that without something to stand upon or lean into, then there really isn’t anything except sinking sand. And let’s be honest, what fun is that? You see, he pushes you to be real, velveteen rabbit real, and when something is real, you can trust it. You can depend on it. You can rely on it, because you can see it. Capricorn is built for the world to see him, for who he really is. No tricks. No secrets. No hidden agendas. When he is in his true element, he is the ultimate symbol of integrity.

Of course there’s always a shadow side and Capricorn’s shadow is control. He can fall into a militant way of relating, where he demands that his way is THE ONLY WAY. His words can start to sound like commands and his actions may become rigid and petrified inside his own point of view. This shadow side feeds off of power and has an unquenchable hunger to be in a place of authority. There’s nothing wrong with power and there certainly doesn’t need to be anything wrong with holding a position of authority. However, if these archetypes start to possess a Capricorn, it can destroy any sense of life. The hunger for power will never be quenched, because there’s always something more. The position of authority becomes a place of ownership and this triggers an unwavering need to be admired and respected. This sets the stage for Capricorn to perceive others as beneath him and locked under his rule. The minute he seeks approval from others he begins to lose his grip on his SELF, and this means he’s also losing his truth. When a Capricorn loses his truth, he loses his life. We’re not talking about a literal death, but one where he has become a prisoner to his world. Enter the workaholic, a slave to his duties, and a victim to his never-ending need to conquer, because on some level he will always feel dissatisfied. Nothing is enough. He has become a prisoner to his success. And in all of his power and authority, his work is now what owns him. I think you get what I'm saying.

Now brace yourself for a minute, because the moon isn’t the only planet in Capricorn. There are actually five other planets stationed very close by. Yes, you heard me, five other planets – Saturn, Mercury, Pluto, the Sun, and Venus. When we add in the moon, we now have a total of six planets hanging out in the sign of Capricorn. To say that there’s an intense and intentional focus on embracing the reality of who you are and what you’re here to do – wellllll let’s just say that’s an understatement at best.

So what do you do with all of this serious, sobering energy? Here’s a hint: If there’s something you’ve been dreaming about doing, but maybe it has felt too big because of all the hard work it might require from you. Well, guess what? Now is the time to face the monster under the bed and tackle it with a renewed sense of commitment and discipline. You can make your dreams a reality, but not without some practical hard work. The energy is waiting for you to show up and when you do, there’s a good chance it just might require quite a lot from you. Not because it wants you to become a slave, but because it can see what you have the potential to reach, and who you have the potential to become.

So form that plan, create that strategy, and dive head first into the discipline it will take to see this project through to the end. Don’t be afraid to dream big, because remember Capricorn likes a good challenge. I’d also like to remind you that while Capricorn usually needs to retreat and spend some time in solitude, this new moon finds Venus close by, the planet that is all about relating, and the planet that knows how to add that extra splash of beauty to any room. So maybe you’ll find there’s some collaborating happening, or an outlet for your work. Maybe Venus will add that extra bit of sparkle that you’ve needed or that moment of inspiration that comes from a friend. Don’t hesitate on helping others move closer to their dreams and also don’t be afraid to ask those who might help you reach yours.

One other aspect we can’t ignore in this cluster of planets is Pluto. It’s still within close enough range of the Sun, Moon, and Venus to make an impact. And where Pluto lies, we can expect to see something ready to transform. I’m sure you would agree that transformation often involves revealing those deeper truths. Those truths that you pretend don’t exist, but if you pay them some close attention, you can hear their heartbeat. Yeah, those guys. So pay attention to those parts that live beneath the surface, because they might just have something very important to tell you. Allow the truth of who are you to be revealed. Sounds simple, but trust me, I know this requires some work and a large dose of courage. Regardless of whether or not you’re ready, Pluto is sure to place a spotlight on those areas. Believe it or not, he is here to help you see what’s real and he’s here to remind you of what desperately needs your attention.

One other planet we can’t ignore is Uranus, the planet of breakthroughs, liberation, rebellion, freedom, and individuality. Since we know that it’s currently square all of this Capricorn energy, it would be a good time to get ready to experience a breakthrough. It’s likely to create some significant change both in the collective and in your personal life, too. In other words, prepare for the unexpected. Say what? How do I do that? The key is to not resist the movement you feel from within or around you. Be ready to ride these changes with hard work, commitment, and an unwavering belief in your SELF that says --- YOU CAN DO THIS, and that you are ready to climb this mountain, not because you’re told to, but because it’s WHO you are.

While all of us will feel pulled to deepen our focus and get serious about implementing our plans during this new moon. We will each experience it differently depending on where Capricorn is located in our chart, and how our natal planets are affected by the current energies. If you are interested in a more personalized reading, please contact me at or check out my website at

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