Lunar Eclipse in Leo - January 31, 2018


On Wednesday, January 31, 2018 (5:27am PST and 8:27am EST) the Full Moon offers us a reddish glow in the fiery and expressive sign of Leo. This isn’t any ordinary Full Moon; it’s a Supermoon, and it also happens to be a total lunar eclipse. Sounds like a lot to take in. Let’s tackle the energy of Leo first.

Leo on its own is a sign that is bold, thrives off of creativity, and needs to express everything without inhibition. She isn’t here to hide and she knows she has something to share with the world. Leo is dramatic, she sees life as a stage and isn’t satisfied without an audience. You see, Leo craves the spotlight and is fueled by recognition. She knows she’s here to be seen and so she does everything with style. She performs not as an act to hide behind, but as a way to show and develop who she is. Some of us feel at home in Leo territory while others may want to run for cover. But during this full moon whether we like it or not she’s here to offer us a gift, but first we have to step into her presence. And I have no doubt that once in her presence she will ask one thing from us: to EXPRESS.

Okay >pause< So what about the fact that this full moon is also an eclipse? Well, the moon doesn’t produce her own light, she reflects it, she responds to it and we know she gets her glow from the sun. So with this lunar eclipse, the moon moves into the Earth’s shadow, and this means the light from the sun will be blocked. Not entirely, but enough to give the moon its reddish glow. So while this just addresses the appearance, I imagine you might be wondering how does this affect me? Let’s just say lunar eclipses turn up the energy a notch or two, they accelerate the pace and are often the catalyst for big changes. What kind of changes? Well this particular Leo eclipse is occurring right next to the North Node, placing significant impact on the future. That’s right- these moments could significantly impact the trajectory of your life. But once again it requires you to act and Leo requires you to express. Hopefully you’re sensing a theme.

So this isn’t a time you want to shrink or hide behind what’s become familiar and outdated. Instead, it’s a time for you to move forward and move into what you can’t quite see. This requires trust. This requires faith. This requires boldness. All things Leo has in her back pocket. So ask yourself: Where have I been hiding? What am I ready to create? What in me needs an expression? How can I dare to step onto the center stage of my life a little more? And maybe even a lot more? If you don’t like what you’ve been creating, then how would you like to change it? What would it take for you to move forward? If your life were a performance what act are you living?

If you don’t know the answers to those questions then choose to live inside them? Move the questions forward, put them in the spotlight – let them guide you. Because I guarantee something in you is begging for you to express who you are and some part of you is tired of taking “No” for an answer. So Dream. Step out. Dance. Create. Sing. Write. Open up to that childlike part of you that remembers what it’s like to play. Allow yourself to fall in love with the wonder that your soul is aching to express. You don’t need to know what it looks like – that’s the point, paint your canvas as if you were still a five year old.

We need to take a moment and address Venus. She’s hanging out close to the South Node right next to the Sun in Aquarius. This of course makes her in opposition to the moon and North Node in Leo. Phew, nothing like a little tension to stir things up. Venus loves relationship and she’s all about beauty. But what happens if her shadow is brought out?  Maybe ask yourself are there any relationships that keep me from expressing my true self? Have I become isolated? Withdrawn? Or maybe you’ve turned your expression inward? You might also ask: How have I followed the crowd instead of engaging with my own unique genius? Is there someone I’ve been hiding behind? And while you’re at it look for those who push you to create, who inspire you to dream, and who pull the authentic you out onto center stage. These are your people.

You could certainly say that this is a powerful time and it certainly offers an opportunity for you to experience some breakthroughs. I’m sure most of us like the sound of that. Not to dampen the celebration, but with every light there’s also a shadow and Leo’s shadow falls in the area of pride. So yes - go for it, absolutely go for it, be bold, shine, and express who you are, but don’t forget to take the power of vulnerability with you. This might save you from a drastic fall if ego becomes too involved.

So here’s to stepping into the playfulness, for surrendering into the unknown, and for trusting your Self to create something new.

While we all might feel a pull during this eclipse to move towards expression, we will each experience this lunar energy differently depending on where Leo is located in our chart. If you are interested in a more personalized reading, please contact me at or check out my website at

>>>play on<<<