Full Moon in Cancer - December 22, 2018


On December 22, 2018 (9:49AM PST and 12:49PM EST) the last Full Moon of the year glows in the nurturing and healing sign of cancer. The sign that feels everything and holds it all deep within. She’s fluent in the language of emotions, so she’ll most definitely know how to make you feel safe and protected. Just imagine a den, a womb, a cave, or even a bubble bath or maybe even imagine that you are cozied up under a pile of blankets. Can you feel it? It’s a place where you can let your guard down, completely sink into your skin, and be whatever or whoever you need to be. You can fall apart, fall asleep, or fall into the moment of your inner world. There is No judgment. No fear. Only acceptance of what is. This is Cancer. She is home. She is comfort. She is compassion, trust, and pure acceptance. Her shadow shows up if she clings too tightly to her role as nurturer and places a spotlight on everyone else’s needs, while forgetting to share or tend to her own. The trick she needs to learn is how to shed her shell and reveal her self – feelings and all

So what might this mean for this Full Moon? 

As this year comes to an end, it’s the perfect time to tuck inside and allow yourself a safe space to really tend to your feelings. Take a moment and reflect upon these questions: What emotions or situations have you carried with you this year? What are some of the emotions that have been pushed down in your psyche and are now ready for release? What has this year been for you? Is there anything you need to fully let go of so that you don’t carry it into the New Year? Who are the people in your life that you trust enough to let your guard down? If you were to feel completely safe with your feelings, what is it that your heart needs to share?

Keep in mind that a Full Moon is about integration. With the Sun in Capricorn we must picture: discipline, structure, and hard work casting a light onto this nurturing, healing, and sensitive Cancer Moon. In other words, when we deeply tend to our inner world we are ultimately growing our emotional maturity and this means we are creating something deep within ourselves that we can trust and lean into. 

So maybe this Full Moon will be an opportunity for you to let go of the past, or to let go of those heavy burdens that have weighed you down for far too long. Or maybe it’s an opportunity for you to be completely honest about the things you need in your life. Or maybe it’s time you drew that bubble bath, blocked off your calendar, fixed some soup, drank that hot chocolate, curled up inside your cozy blankets, and spilled your heart to that ever accepting friend. To put it bluntly, go find what makes you feel safe enough to let down your guard and then go and do that; because right now it’s the perfect time for you to release those feelings that have lived inside your heart this past year.

We must keep in mind that the out of sign squares made by Mars and Chiron to this Full Moon set up a T-Square pattern. This simply means that since our emotions might be flowing more freely that we also need to be aware that over reactions are more likely to occur during this time. Don’t be surprised if you feel temped to fall back into old family dynamics. Just remember if tensions do arise, do your best to extend compassion, kindness, and acceptance. After all, friction is really just another opportunity for healing to occur. 

The good news is that Uranus is making an out of sign sextile to this Full Moon. This suggests that it’s time to break free from the past. If you feel tempted to cling to any of your old ways, just remember that there is no going back to “the way things used to be” and even if everything looks the same, the truth is something within you is now different. Let your intuition be your guide and trust those inner nudges that remind you it’s time to create a new path. You’ve got this. 

While we all might feel pulled during this New Moon to share our deep- seated emotions, we will all experience this lunar energy differently depending on where Cancer is located in your chart or if you have a natal planet associated with it. If you would like a more personalized reading, I’d love to set up a session with you.

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[*Note* The ABOVE contains a personification of the sign Cancer. The sign is not gendered and the SHE could just as easily be used as HE.]