Supermoon/Wolf Moon/Blood Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Leo - January 20th/21st, 2019


On January 20, 2019 (9:16 PM PST) and on January 21st(12:16 AM EST) the Supermoon/Wolf Moon/Blood Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse Full Moon catches our attention in the fiery and expressive sign of Leo. A Supermoon is simply the phenomenon that occurs when the Moon appears bigger and brighter in the sky due to the Moon reaching the closet position to the Earth. A Wolf Moon simply applies to the first Full Moon in January. A Total Lunar Eclipse is when the moon passes entirely behind the Earth and into its shadow. When this happens, the Moon appears red, hence the name, Blood Moon. Phew. Now that we’ve got all of those descriptions out of the way, you might be wondering, what does all of this actually mean? 

First, I’d like to suggest that you go outside and experience this Total Lunar Eclipse for yourself. Sometimes the simple witnessing of “other worldly” events is enough to remind us about how big and magical this world is regardless of the situation you currently find yourself in. For those of you wondering about the personal significance of this Full Moon, there’s a good chance that it’s linked to an ending, a breakthrough, or some type of resolution regarding an issue that’s been lingering for quite some time. When the moon goes into the shadows, we might find that our hidden emotions and desires become more revealed. It’s almost as if the hidden is deeply desiring an opportunity to be seen. In other words it’s a time to make the unconscious conscious- to move the invisible into a visible presence. That feels powerful to me.

We’ll need to keep in mind that this Full Moon is receiving energy from the unpredictable planet, Uranus, and also from the Moon’s North Node in Cancer. Uranus tends to inspire, disrupt, or create change. Sometimes the unexpected moves us with excitement and other times it terrifies us with its unstable dance. Since it will be making a challenging aspect this energy might feel a little unnerving. How you choose to experience this radical influence will greatly depend on your response to the unknown. Do you welcome it? Or do you resist it? The North Node in Cancer reminds us to embrace our emotions and to release anything that we’ve been holding on to. The release helps us move forward on our evolutionary path. This might require some vulnerability. Just remember that this isn’t a time to cling to our familiar patterns no matter how comfortable they might feel. 

Of course, we can’t forget to address the fact that Leo is the energy behind this Full Moon. Leo, the sign that has a flare for the dramatic, thrives off of creativity, and needs to express everything without inhibition. This is the sign that wants to be seen, craves a witness, and loves an audience. Two words: Expression and Visibility. This is what makes Leo happy. Now with the Sun, the ruler of Leo, in Aquarius and shining the light on this Full Moon, there is an emphasis on your personal truth and all that makes you unique. Since Leo has a flare for the dramatic it might be helpful if you stay clear from anything that wants to pull you into the drama. 

The shadow for all of this would likely appear if the energy gets stuck in an extreme “me, me, me” attitude or what we might call an inflated ego. Remember the key for creative and playful expression is to be child-like not child-ish. 

Here are a few questions you might like to ponder: Who am I in my shadow? What has felt hidden within? What would it look like for me to move out from the shadows? What does it mean to be uniquely me? What would it take for me to shine? What is my invisible presence? How do I respond to change? What is the unexpected asking of me? What might I need to release? How can I reveal more of who I really am?

So with this intense Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo make sure you boldly express your truths, claim the parts of yourself that lurk in the shadows, allow the hidden to be revealed, do your best to welcome change. Allow yourself some room to create, to play, to dance, to feel, and to break yourself free from any previous constraints. Remember, you’re the one writing your story – so you might as well make it an interesting one. 

While we all might feel pulled during this Full Moon to express our hidden desires, we will all experience this lunar energy differently depending on where Leo is located in your chart or if you have a natal planet associated with it. If you would like a more personalized reading, I’d love to set up a session with you.

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