Full Moon in Libra - March 20, 2019


On Wednesday, March 20, 2019 (6:43 PM PST and 9:43 PM EST) the Full Moon glows in the airy and peaceful sign of Libra. The sign that loves relationship, appreciates beauty, craves harmony, is wired to see life from the others point of view, and isn't afraid of compromise. Of course, we can’t forget her shadow and in the spirit of seeing every side as worthy, Libra refuses to take a stance. You see her aim is to please, because what makes her happy, IS you happy. There’s just one problem, sometimes her drive to please places you above her, so much so, that she ends up having no idea about who or what she wants. There’s also a good chance that she’ll become frozen by indecision. For those of you who have ever felt this, you’re likely to know the frustration that arises from the inability to choose. Libra lives closely to this feeling.

As you know, the Full Moon occurs when the Earth is directly between the Moon and the Sun. Right now the Sun falls in Aries, the sign that thirsts for life, is full of energy, and has the drive of a warrior. So on the one hand we can feel Libra calling for beauty, fairness, connection, and compromise while on the other hand we see Aries is ready to rush full force into what’s new and claim what she wants and needs for herself. 

During a Full Moon, these places of tension call for integration, and I would also like to suggest a Full Moon is a great time to embrace Carl Jung’s idea of the Transcendent Function. This simply means that with the tension between opposites, a third solution is born that transcends the limitations of the other two opposing forces. So the question might be: What might want to be born from “focusing on the other” and “the passion to create something new”? Sit with that thought for a little while. Maybe something else will want to emerge. At the very least, it’s a pretty neat concept to ponder, don’t you think?

I’d also like to mention that this Full Moon energy occurs in sync with the Spring Equinox for those of us living in the Northern Hemisphere. Here with the Sun’s movement into Aries we now feel the pulse for a fresh new start emerge from a time of darkness and dormancy. For those of you who are fans of Greek Mythology, this is the moment when Persephone returns from the underworld and greets her mother Demeter, who upon her excitement of seeing her daughter allows for everything to breathe life again. Hello Spring. 

So what does any of this mean for this Full Moon?

Full Moon’s are about resolution and reaching a culmination for what needs to be made fully visible. And with spring in the air, Aries is supporting us to be bold and daring and to go after the new thing we would like to create, launch, birth, or initiate into life. Of course we should remember that Mercury is still retrograde until March 28th, so while we might want to jump full speed ahead into our process, Mercury might have other plans for us. Be prepared to double check things again and again and you might even experience a few setbacks or delays if you haven’t already. Since this Full Moon does occur in Libra we can expect an emphasis on our relationships and connections as well as in the things we value and desire most. 

Another key player for this Full Moon is that Chiron is cozied up real close to the Sun and is also in opposition to the Moon. Chiron, a comet, is associated with the wounded healer. It was named after the centaur, half animal half human, in Greek mythology, who was both a healer and a teacher. So don’t be surprised if some of your wounds connected to relationships get poked or picked at during this time or maybe you’ll find that it’s here to highlight areas in your life where you have not valued yourself or others. Just like any wound, these areas are asking for your extra attention so that you might experience healing and transformation. Be prepared to extend yourself or even others an extra dose of compassion and acceptance. Remember: you carry the medicine for the wound you are facing. 

Lastly, I’d like to add that this is a great time to reflect upon where you place your energy. Take note of what or who gets most of your attention and then ask yourself: does this allow me to feel calm and peaceful or does it bring me into disharmony? Let's be honest, balance is a simple yet tricky concept. I’d like to point out that when we walk, we are in a perpetual state of being out of balance, but the movement and give and take of our feet is what keeps us in a balanced and upright position. All that to say, I’d like to think that it’s more important that you work on letting go of what drains you and that more of your time is spent embracing what inspires and ignites you. Notice how this is different than simply trying to create more balance in your life. 

While we all might want to run full speed ahead and create a fresh new start especially now that Spring is here, we will each experience this lunar energy differently depending on where Libra is located in your chart or if you have a natal planet associated with it. If you would be interested in a more personalized reading, I’d love to set up a session with you. 

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[*Note* The ABOVE contains a personification of the sign Libra and the sign Aries. The sign is not gendered and the SHE could just as easily be used as HE.]