New Moon in Pisces - March 6, 2019


On Wednesday, March 6th(8:04 am PST and 11:04 am EST) the moon begins a new cycle in the watery and fluid sign of Pisces. The sign that prefers to speak in metaphors, connects with images, and calls the land of the imagination home. Pisces knows how to blend, she knows how to flow, and she can merge into anyone or any THING. For a Pisces, it’s less about sight and more about sensing. Here’s the thing: not only does she sense your feelings; she feels them as if they were her own. You’ll likely recognize her for her compassion and her gentle and loving spirit that flows from the inside out. It’s true that some might call her a mystic, others a poet, and still others may see her as a dreamer. Her deepest treasure is her inner world, and oh, does it seethe with life. Since Pisces is often without edges, it’s easy for her to drift… And drift… And drift. Warning: Her shadow might appear when the world out there becomes too much to feel, so she’ll do what she does best – she’ll escape and find a way to numb herself or at the very least she’ll find a way to disconnect.

So what does this mean for this New Moon? 

A New Moon is a time to create, a time to breathe new life, and a time to birth something from the unknown into visibility. Pisces energy will aid in the process of reflectionespecially since it’s cozied up next to Neptune, the ruler of Pisces. I should mention that while Neptune might invite us to dive deep into our inner world, we must also keep in mind that confusion might creep in as lines and boundaries become blurred.It’s also not uncommon for illusions, deceptions, and delusions to show up and blind us from what’s real. 

What’s also interesting is that this New Moon occurs directly on the heels of Mercury turning retrograde in Pisces. Mercury is associated with our perceptions and thoughts and it rules communication, technology, travel, contracts, and information. So when Mercury turns retrograde these areas might not run as smoothly as one would like. Think: long travel delays, computer glitches, and miscommunication on overdrive. The purpose isn’t to frustrate you, but rather to help you reflect, deepen, and revise your perceptions as well as to help you fine-tune the words you use. It could also be a time when old lovers or friends show up and perhaps this offers you the opportunity to resolve something that needed resolution. Note: This would be a great time to back up your computer or copy that external hard drive. It would also be a great time to return to old projects, ideas, or connections. 

Let’s take a moment and address that Jupiter is making an impact on this New Moon. Jupiter, the planet that likes to expand everything it touches and carries an abundance of Faith and optimism inside it. Since expansion is involved, we must also consider how Jupiter might expand upon the fantasies and illusions of Neptune. Think: only seeing what you want to see and missing what’s actually present right in front of your own eyes.A simple test is to ask yourself: can I lean into [it] without any hesitation? If you can’t, there’s a good chance it’s not as real as you would like it to be.

With Pisces energy showing up so strongly be careful of your desire to disengage or to entertain distractions more frequently. Maybe you feel a little lost and confused right now or maybe you feel inspired to create and express what you feel within or maybe your imaginal world feels more alive than ever, or maybe your intuition feels especially strong at this time. Or maybe you find yourself feeling too much. The bottom line is that Pisces asks us to use a different type of seeing. She nudges us to place our trust in the unknown and to embrace the mysteries that we can’t quite see or understand. This could feel overwhelming, but I’ll also add that having control over every little detail is also an illusion in and of itself. More often than not the best thing we can do is to surrender to the unknown and to learn to see the beauty that exists when we learn to let go of how we think things “should be.” 

If you find yourself in a maze of confusion during this lunation or if you find that obstacles and glitches keep appearing along your path try to embrace them with an open heart. Instead of resisting and demanding that it must be done “this way” take some time to reflect and move into a posture of “being” instead of “doing.”If you feel stuck, ask yourself: What would it look like in this moment if I allowed myself to “go with the flow?” or even “What might this obstacle reveal about my current world?

Lastly, this is an excellent time to sense into your dreams, to fall deeper into your imagination, and to get lost inside creativity. If you find yourself moving towards (insert your method of escape) do your best to ground yourself and practice being present to what the moment wants and needs from you. 

While we all might feel pulled during this New Moon to go within and create something newwe will all experience this lunar energy differently depending on where Pisces is located in your chart or if you have a natal planet associated with it. If you would like a more personalized reading, I’d love to set up a session with you.

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[*Note* The ABOVE contains a personification of the sign Pisces. The sign is not gendered and the SHE could just as easily be used as HE.]